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If you are reading this page, know that you are meant to be here - you are meant to commit to a new life of the purest form.

And I am ready for you, friend: I created the ELEV8 Your Life membership site so that I can walk with you as you experience your own spiritual revolution!

I promised to put myself on the list of things to care for. I have grown in spirit through connection to my guides and angels and also, accountability for myself through ELEV8. I have released physical weight and pain with guidance from this group and appreciate Sunny's no BS teaching style. The community I have found in ELEV8 is brilliant. Highly recommend.

Melinda Bauman

What You Get in the ELEV8 Your Life Membership Site

The Essentials

This is the core of my site, ELEV8 Your Life 5-part course! Throughout each of its five steps, you’ll complete eight lessons that are designed to drive you towards life-elevating change. My supportive intention and uplifting design guide you throughout your journey.

The Vault

The Vault stores all monthly members-only content released so you don’t miss a single thing. Missed a class, check-in, or Q&A? No problem - simply access them on The Vault and enjoy every benefit. The Vault is constantly growing, so there’s always a chance to listen, learn, and transform!

The Members Lounge

Access to hundreds of hours of archived live sessions that provide you the same deep healing and spiritual benefits as the day they were recorded. Like a butterfly on the wall, you’ll learn firsthand about many topics, including angels, intuition, the afterlife, personal development, and the spiritual-based business. You’ll be learning the best of the best.

You can access the Members Lounge whenever you’d like to receive additional knowledge and healing. It is yours to use to your benefit 24/7!

Exclusive Members-only Private Facebook Group

Enjoy 24/7 access to your community through the members-only ELEV8 Your Life Facebook Page! Share your experiences, discuss your life, and interact with your fellow members. Exclusive content is often released via the Facebook group, so you want to visit often!

PLUS, you’ll receive continual support from me, and random check-ins happen frequently!

Weekly Prayer Circles

Held weekly, ELEV8 Your Life member prayer circles respond to prayer requests submitted via the members-only Facebook group. Members are encouraged to reach out as well as provide spiritual support to one another during this weekly circle. I lend my energy to these gatherings, leveraging our collective intentions and energies and that of our Guides, Angels, and Archangels - all attuned to your needs.

Technical Support

The ELEV8 Your Life support team is here to ensure you have the best user experience possible. In addition to FAQs and a Virtual Site Tour, my team is available for live chat support during normal business hours. If the technical team isn’t available, you can fill out a Technical Support Form and they’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Members-only Content and Support

Experience exclusive, members-only monthly sessions with me, including:

  • Master Class
  • SDJ Check-in
  • Ask SDJ
  • Sunny Surprise

As well as ongoing weekly interaction with me including High Five Friday Facebook Live connection time

Exclusive Bonuses

  • 80-page ELEV8 Your Life PDF Workbook
  • Money Affirmation MP3 Download
  • Complimentary One-Hour Group Mentoring Call

And for the VIPs

  • A new VIP feature, being offered for the first time: 24/7 Access to Sunny for extra support and empowering guidance (especially helpful during times of change)
  • Twice monthly Live 45-minute Office Hours sessions (VIP Group Mentoring)
  • Live Quarterly Spirit Talks/Angel Readings
  • 25% Discount In My SDJ Boutique
  • Priority Seating At My Live Events & Workshops
  • Early Access To New Products and Tickets for Live Events & Workshops

I'm thrilled to be heading into 2019 with you, Sunny, and your team and this group to support me. I’m deeply grateful for this ELEV8 work you offer us. I’ve experienced some life changing transformation, eg: the amazing Archangel Michael meditation has made me stronger in myself, becoming an observer and releasing the old absorber has been powerful, taking my power back from certain people has been amazing, and working with an Archangel each day of the week is life changing. I love the way you share yourself with us to help us understand the process. With gratitude and love.

Pragito Dove

This is the core of my site, ELEV8 Your Life!

The Essentials Course

Throughout each of its five steps, you’ll complete eight lessons that are designed to drive you towards life-elevating change. My supportive intention and uplifting design guide you throughout your journey.

  • Step One: I’m Feelin’ the Pain
    In this step you begin your journey, and most of us start in this step. You’ve acknowledged that you desire change in your life and, for good reasons, it hurts!
  • Step Two: Eyes Wide Open
    When you have moved into Eyes Wide Open, you’ve accepted and discovered your patterns and habits that continue to cause pain, overwhelm, lack, and hardship. You tune into your body, mind, and spirit and recognize the greater power in the world around you.
  • Step Three: Ch Ch Ch Choices
    Once you reach Ch Ch Ch Choices, you’re ready to get to work rebuilding your vibrational patterns and you’re having fun! You recognize that you are the creator of your life and your experiences and have begun to ask questions that will unlock your greatest potential.
  • Step Four: Lights!!! Camera!!! Action!!!
    By the time you reach this step, your amazing momentum and strength is pushing you from intention to action. You are POWERFUL, and you know it!
  • Step Five: I’m Feelin’ the Healin’
    You are Feelin’ the Healin’ if you are actively making positive change in your life. You are choosing to elevate yourself for good, and abundance, clarity, and resilience await you!

First, and foremost thank you Sunny for another Amazing Community! I have been a follower of Sunny and her teachings for the past several years, from Facebook Communities, online courses, live events, and soon my first retreat. Sunny has a very unique teaching style, she's honest, extremely open, funny and teaches from her own life experiences, having walked a journey from the very lows to the beautiful highs.

She is an amazing mentor, educator, that can help you grow and heal on your very own spiritual path. ELEV8 Your Life, is Sunny’s newest community (yes, we share our highs and lows and inspire each other-it’s a closed group with no judgement) we ELEVATE each other. Their is an abundance of material, live FB mentoring, check-ins, a plethora of material within the ELEV8 program. With Sunny’s leadership abilities and her inspiring teaching style, she helps us toward finding the ultimate goal in life JOY! Yes, she even walks us through the tough spots, provides the support needed, and will nudge you to dig deeper if needed all in a very supportive loving approach. I can't thank Sunny enough for all the support and guidance given to me, I have definitely changed for my highest good!

Malinda Pantano

Thank you Sunny for the best program ever, ELEV8 Your Life. I highly recommend this transformational program, which I will apply every day for the rest of my life. Excellent in every way!

Bonnie Larson

I can't tell you how much I've grown since I joined ELEV8! I thought I was well on my way to healing...which I was but I had no idea just how much more was hidden within myself, that needed to come to light so I can learn, deal and completely heal. Sunny is an amazing mentor, teacher, and all around beautiful soul as is her delightful, hardworking team and I feel the same about everyone in this community. I am grateful to them all! Please, do this for deserve peace and happiness.

Kim Kempton

Kaby Birdsall ... ELEV8 Member

Giuliana Melo ... ELEV8 Member

Grace Redman ... ELEV8 Member

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